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Debt consolidation loan insurance

Reduce repayment by getting consolidation loan insurance For an additional loan, if your credits accumulate and weigh on your monthly income subscribe to a debt consolidation loan with external insurance! Reduction of monthly payments Consolidate debt with debt consolidation credit: negotiated with financial organizations for a personalized repayment rate according to your borrower profile. Spread in time of ladette for…

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Sant Cugat develops a housing plan that meets social needs

The City Council of Sant Cugat intends to integrate all housing policies into a strategic plan with the aim of responding to social emergencies but also to the need for new housing in the city. The Mayor of Sant Cugat, Mercè Conesa, presented on Tuesday the Strategic Plan for Housing 2015-2019, through which they intend to promote the necessary policies…

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Board advocates to plan with social agents and companies against the tourism of drunkenness and turismofobia

“The great battle of employment in the sector is stability”, underlines Fernández, who has linked it to the fight against seasonality The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Francisco Javier Fernández, has advocated planning, together with social agents and private initiative, to avoid problems in Andalusia that have appeared in other destinations linked to tourism and the “turismofobia” . In an…

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