What's on tap?


Well, I've finally managed to fill my beer fridge. I have 5 kegs of 4 different beers on tap: a pale ale, a Witbier, and 2 porters. It feels good to have a selection of draft beer to choose from again.

Last time I had any amount of beer in the fridge I ended up drinking almost everything before I brewed again so the delay factor was pretty distressing. I have to remember not to let that happen again.

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Hi Chris!

Warm hello from the Beer-Country (Germany). We have hundreds of breweries here. If you'll visit Germany you are invided to Hanover for a little Beer-Trail! (You know you can reach me via mozillazine-forum :-))


chrisw73, I would love to take you up on your offer. I have tried very few altbiers (none from Germany), for which Hanover is known I believe, so I need to explore this style further.

A trip to Germany is definitely planned for the future. I just need to decide when ;-)