Driving sucks but the Midwest doesn't


I returned from my trip to Indiana and Wisconsin early tuesday morning, and it took me most of this week to recover. I ended up driving over 2000 miles (3200 km) in total and I felt like a wreck by the time I got back.

The trip was largely successful though. I picked up several New Glarus beers and some interesting imports.

Here is the complete list of beers which I brought back:

On our way to Wisconsin to pick up the New Glarus beers, we went through Chicago and paid a visit to the Maproom beer bar which turns out to be every bit as good as others say and then some. While we were there we played my new Brewmaster game (which Alex thought might be way too geeky to do) and while we were playing the brewmaster of the Mickey Finn's Brewpub came and introduced himself. Alex later rescinded his opinion that playing the game in that bar (surrounded by beer geeks) might be too geeky.

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Well... That's not *exactly* what I said about the Brewmaster game. For the record, I do think playing a brewing game in a bar is *a bit* geeky but I don't have any problem with geekiness. In fact, again for the record, I'm a wannabe geek.
What I remember doing when Chris talked about playing the game at the Maproom was to hesitate for a second, trying to imagine the context. We had passed by the Maproom before going to Wisconsin and I thought it was a really nice place where I'd really like to hang out. So I said playing the game might be *a bit* geeky, and went on thinking about the idea. The fact that I agreed to play it must count for *something*! ;-)
When we played and the Mickey Finn's brewmaster came along, I still thought it was geeky but I also thought it was cool and fun.
In my mind, geekiness doesn't preclude coolness or fun.

A little defensive, are we AleX? ;-)