Luna Blue

Luna Blue 0.4

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:57pm
This version completes support of the help system and adds the WinXP style gradient effect to the toolbars.

Luna Blue 0.4a

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:56pm
This version adds support of the new Firefox extension/theme managers and new buttons. It adds partial support of the new help system but is incomplete.

Luna Blue 0.3.3a

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:55pm
This version adds support for Firefox 0.8 and some new buttons. It contains some visual bugs which I will try to correct in a more final release.

Luna Blue 0.3.2

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:54pm
Fixed the following bugs:
  1. Missing stylesheet switcher icon
  2. Missing elements on download dialog
  3. Missing elements on connection settings dialog
  4. Icon on tree separators
  5. Missing graphics on plugins dialog
  6. Miscellaneous weird styles
Also, a new optional stylesheet was added to replicate the "Selective text" option in Internet Explorer.

Luna Blue 0.3.1

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:52pm
Updated to support changes made with the release of Firebird 0.7.

Luna Blue 0.3

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:51pm
Added support for the new preferences dialog areas (downloads, advanced) and fixes some other little quirks. The mozilla theme version changed with this release so that it will only work with Firebird 0.6.1+ builds.

Luna Blue 0.2.5

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:49pm
Fixed a javascript console bug with the warning icon not being displayed. Also added the ability to install the theme in either the user profile or in the application chrome folder.

Luna Blue 0.2.4

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:48pm
Added support for changes in bookmarks manager (New bookmark button) and the javascript console. Also fixed a listbox bug in the options dialog.

Luna Blue 0.2.3

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:48pm
Fixed the style bug with the color chooser buttons, updated the nativebuttons optional stylesheet for the GO button, and added luna spinbuttons (which are not used in Phoenix but are used by some extensions).

Luna Blue 0.2.2

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:47pm
Added appropriate graphics and styling for the file selection dialog (used on Linux). Also fixed a bug with disabled buttons.

Luna Blue 0.2.1

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:46pm
Added near final images for the new "Options" dialog. I will probably have to update these again though as the new options are refined/changed until the 0.6 milestone of the browser.

Luna Blue 0.2

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:45pm
Updated to work with Phoenix builds since Feb. 1, 2003. Please note that the graphics in the new preferences are still only place holders so look a little rough. I may make additional changes as the preferences area is refined.

Luna Blue 0.1.4

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:43pm
Added an optional stylesheet to restore native buttons. My buttons aren't as nice as XP/Luna buttons...yet.

Luna Blue 0.1.3

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:42pm
Fixed a spacing bug with the throbber.

Luna Blue 0.1.2

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:42pm
Adjusted the bookmark menuitem spacing to use a little less space. Also fixed caption bgcolor for tabpanels.

Luna Blue 0.1.1

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:41pm
Fixed a menutext color problem discovered by Alan Starr. Thanks Alan.

Luna Blue 0.1

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 12:36pm
Initial release