Luna 0.7a

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:43pm
Added support for changes made in Firefox 0.9. There are some visual bugs which I will correct in a later release.

Luna 0.6.3

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:42pm
This version fixes a display bug with the GO button.

Luna 0.6.2

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:42pm
This version adds support for changes made in Firebird 0.8 as well as some theme changes to make the toolbar buttons look more like IE:
  1. Added new graphics for XpInstall, Download manager, etc.
  2. Increased the size of the toolbar buttons to replicate IE on Luna
  3. Made the "GO" button work more like a button
  4. Updated the bookmark icon for pages to use the new Firebird icon
  5. Added a new optional stylesheet to restore the old small toolbar button size
  6. Fixed onclick bug with some disabled buttons

Luna 0.6.1

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:39pm
This version fixes the following bugs:
  1. Missing stylesheet switcher icon
  2. Missing elements on download dialog
  3. Missing elements on connection settings dialog
  4. Icon on tree separators
  5. Missing graphics on plugins dialog
  6. Miscellaneous weird styles
Also, a new optional stylesheet was added to replicate the "Selective text" option in WinXP.

Luna 0.6

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:37pm
Added support for changes made with the 0.7 release of Firebird.

Luna 0.5.2

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:37pm
Fixed a javascript console bug with the warning icon not being displayed. Also added the ability to install the theme in either the user profile or in the application chrome folder.

Luna 0.5.1

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:36pm
Added support for changes in bookmarks manager (New bookmark button) and the javascript console. Also fixed a listbox bug in the options dialog and various other minor bugs.

Luna 0.5

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:35pm
Added support for the new "Options" dialog. I also added an optional stylesheet to enable "browser tabs" for those folks that prefer those over the new buttons. Also removed the vertical margins for the urlbar.

Luna 0.4.3

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:34pm
Fixed a spacing bug with the throbber. Also added an optional stylesheet to make the toolbar separator colors the same as Luna separators (as requested by David Tenser). I would only recommend to use this stylesheet if you are using the Windows XP Default (or possibly silver) theme on WinXP as the colors wouldn't look right with most other OS themes.

Luna 0.4.2

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:34pm
Fixed a widget bug with editable menulists. Thanks to Ufuk Kayserilioglu for pointing out this bug.

Luna 0.4.1

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:33pm
This version includes some widget fixes (tab close button border and tab behavior). I have also changed the appearance of the browser tabs. I find that the "tab" UI model doesn't feel right when applied to a a browser screen the way it is in Mozilla/Phoenix. This feeling didn't really occur to me until I started playing with theming the browser tabs (several theme versions ago in fact). Therefore, I am experimenting with a "taskbar" like system similar to the windows taskbar or that used by the skypilot theme. The buttons are obviously (when you've seen them) based on OfficeXP widgets. I am not completely comfortable with the colors so they could change based on further experimentation or feedback from you. One nice side effect is that the tab bar takes less vertical space with this layout as well.

Luna 0.4

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:32pm
Added the small icon set as well as Luna style icons throughout the browser. In addition, the theme filesize has decreased by about half by removing much unused legacy stuff. While unlikely, it is possible I removed something that was required.

Luna 0.3

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:30pm
This version fixes a few annoyances like theme switching problems and toolbar element appearance. Menus now look more like Luna menus and the throbber can now be placed in the upper right corner and not look goofy.

Luna 0.2

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:21pm
I have finally gotten the back/forward buttons working decently and fixed some other style issues that were bugging me. Other than updating the Go button a little bit, there are no graphic changes in this release. Actually I fixed the downloads button so that it works in "small" mode again.

Luna 0.1

Released: Thu, 2004/09/09 - 2:20pm
Initial release