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Luna is a theme for the Mozilla Firefox web browser that styles the UI like the Windows XP Luna theme. This theme uses native widgets (buttons and scrollbars that are styled by the operating system).

I'm going to try doing some things differently. Instead of using regular version numbers for my themes, I am going to base future theme versions on the Firefox milestone that they work with. For example, the next version will be 1.0.0. Normally, this might not be wise but since every milestone of Firefox to date has required theme modifications I am not really worried.

Also, since I am sometimes slow to release updated themes, I am going to start making developmental releases available for those who don't mind accepting a few bugs.

Current version

Developmental version

  • Jar File: luna_devel.jar
  • Compatibility: Firefox 1.0PR1+
  • This file is made available for your testing and previewing purposes. Expect to find bugs and missing functionality, and please do not complain about them. I make no warranties that about the performance or stability of this file.

Theme Options

To use these optional stylesheets, simply place the appropriate @import line in your userChrome.css file. You MUST place any @import lines at the top ABOVE any @namespace lines.

  • This optional stylesheet transforms the browser tab buttons into Luna tabs for those that prefer tabs to buttons. @import url("chrome://browser/skin/browsertabs.css");
  • This optional stylesheet displays the toolbar button text for certain buttons (Back, Bookmarks, Downloads) to replicate the WinXP option. @import url("chrome://browser/skin/selectivetext.css");
  • This optional stylesheet makes the navigation toolbar buttons smaller. @import url("chrome://browser/skin/smalltoolbarbuttons.css");
  • The horizontal toolbar separators (along with most things) in this theme are natively styled. Using this optional stylesheet (in WinXp with the Luna theme) will override the native style to make the toolbar separators look the same as the WinXP separators. @import url("chrome://browser/skin/toolbarseparators.css");


Download latest release (0.7a, 2004/09/09 - 2:43pm)

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how do i install this??? no i

how do i install this??? no instructions anywhere!!!1!!!one!!!

To install, simply click the

To install, simply click the link. If you have not enabled software installs from (Tools > Options > Web Features) then save the theme to your hard drive and install it from there. You can drag a theme file to the "Themes" dialog window to install.

k, thx

k, thx

Used devel version at work to

Used devel version at work today to surf the net. Worked great and I didn't notice any problems.

I second that. Luna is awesom

I second that. Luna is awesome. Would be really cool to see a 1.0 release.

I love your theme, will it be

I love your theme, will it be updated to 1.0PR? I would like that very much!

I love your theme and with it

I love your theme and with it I am able to persuade friends and family to switch browsers because of it. I'm willing to wait for a version compatable with Firefox 1.0 (not the preview) so I can happily use it.

I will release an update for

I will release an update for Firefox 1.0 soon.

I hope too that you find the

I hope too that you find the time to make an update soon.
it's the best theme for the firefox.

greetings from austria

I am working on it. Check out

I am working on it. Check out the devel version if you want to see the progress.

Wooohoo! Thanks!

Wooohoo! Thanks!

When is soon?

When is soon?