Tabbrowser Preferences (DEFUNCT)

Firefox Extensions
The features provided by this extension have been added to the Firefox browser as of version 1.0 so this extension is officially dead. Bradley Chapman is maintaining a new version of the Tabbrowser Preferences extension which tweaks the built in functionality so if you need more features than Firefox provides, go check out Brad's extension.

This extension enables "single window mode" by optionally opening links in a new tab instead of a new window. It also gives an option to load the homepage in new tabs.

Tabbrowser Preferences has been localized for the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Swedish.

NOTE: It is NOT advisable to use this extension and the Tabbrowser Extensions simultaneously. This has not been tested and there may be conflicts between the two extensions.

  • Extension File: tabprefs_0.5.xpi
  • Version: 0.5
  • Compatibility: Mozilla Firefox 0.8
  • Released: 2004-01-11
  • File Size: 9 KB
  • Extension File: tabprefs_0.4.xpi
  • Version: 0.4
  • Compatibility: Mozilla Firebird 0.7
  • Released: 2003-10-19
  • File Size: 10 KB
  • Extension File: tabprefs_0.3.xpi
  • Version: 0.3
  • Compatibility: Mozilla Firebird 0.6 and earlier
  • Released: 2003-03-12
  • File Size: 9 KB