Sunbird Themes

Winstripe is the new default theme of Mozilla Sunbird, the stand-alone version of Mozilla Calendar. This project covers the changes that I am making for Winstripe.

Below are some screenshots of various stages of the toolbar button implementation.

Below is an experimental version of the calendar.jar file which contains my changes. This file is only being made available for testing purposes. It is NOT an installable theme file.

  • Jar File: calendar-5.jar
  • Compatibility: Sunbird 0.2a 2004-09-07 build for Windows
  • Released: 2004-10-19
  • File Size: 647 KB
  • Note: This is NOT a theme but is a replacement for the chrome which installs with Sunbird. Backup and replace the calendar.jar in your Sunbird chrome directory with this file. ONLY use this jar with the Sunbird version listed as it will NOT be compatible with ANY other version, or with the calendar extension.

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how do u instal?

how do u instal?

This is not an installable th

This is not a theme. Please re-read above.