]> intraplanar.net - Drupal http://www.intraplanar.net/taxonomy/term/12/0 en Feeds http://www.intraplanar.net/project/feeds <p>I've created this Drupal module to consolidate and add missing feeds into a single place. This module includes the following protocols: <abbr title="Really Simple Syndication">RSS</abbr> 1.0 (<abbr title="Resource Description Framework">rdf</abbr>), <abbr title="Really Simple Syndication">RSS</abbr> 2.0, Atom 0.3. It does not try to replace the existing <abbr title="Really Simple Syndication">RSS</abbr> 0.92 feed that exists in Drupal core. This module is based on the <a href="http://drupal.org/project/atom">atom module</a>.</p> <p>Note however, that this module breaks with the tradition of using urls like "/node/feed" and "/atom/feed" in favor of more standardized urls like "/index.xml" and "/atom.xml" (which justifiably could be aliased, but I don't see the point). I also added support for the syndication block hook but it doesn't seem to be working and I haven't looked into it yet.</p> Thu, 16 Sep 2004 15:24:07 -0500