Auckland mayoral candidate Leo Molloy creates online debt clock



Auckland mayoral candidate Leo Molloy has created a online clock he says, allows Aucklanders to see the money the council is “quickly borrowing” on behalf of taxpayers.

On Tuesday night, Molloy said Auckland Council had become an “indebted monster”.

“Auckland’s debt today is less than $12 billion and is expected to grow to $16 billion over the next decade. That’s $1.4 million borrowed every day.

“To put that into perspective, as you read this, Auckland’s debt will rise by
$1,000 every minute. Many are unaware that every household in Auckland currently
owes nearly $23,000.”

The Auckland restaurateur said his clock will give Aucklanders “the opportunity” to see how much debt is growing in real time.

“My Debt Clock will give Aucklanders the opportunity to see for themselves how
much of the Council’s debt is growing rapidly in real time. We have a moral obligation to
ensure that our children are not saddled with these extremely high levels of debt,” he said.

Molloy said he would be the “first mayor to hold Auckland Council and Auckland Transport to account”.

“As a businessman, financial discipline, transparency and accountability are the
the values ​​I live my life with and the values ​​I will bring with me to the mayor’s office.”

He claimed fellow mayoral candidates Efeso Collins and Viv Beck have a history of spending taxpayers’ money and will continue to do so.

Earlier this week, Beck, who is the chief executive of Heart of the City, put her hat in the ring for Auckland City Hall in a bid to scrap the regional fuel tax of 11.5 cents a liter within 12 months.

The 62-year-old will officially announce her candidacy at Cornwall Park, joining Collins, a Manukau councilor, and Molloy in the front runners to replace Phil Goff, who is stepping down after two terms.

Last month, Molloy told the Herald he was liquidating his Viaduct bar headquarters to focus on his mayoral campaign.

Auckland business owner Leo Molloy talks about anti-vaxxers and business in the time of Covid. Video / Michael Craig

He said the bar’s lease expires in May and with the uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic he saw it as “a good time” to call it a day at the locally renowned establishment .

After Collins was endorsed by Labor, Molloy declared he was the only candidate “to stand as a true independent”.

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