Indonesian SME lender Investree secures US $ 10.5 million debt financing



Investree, an Indonesian B2B lending platform for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), announced it has secured $ 10.5 million in debt financing.

Funding came from responsAbility Investments, a Swiss asset manager focused exclusively on sustainable investing, and Accial Capital, a US investor in fintech loan portfolios in emerging markets.

The proceeds will directly contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a large economy characterized by limited access to finance for MSMEs, which hinders job creation, fuels inequalities and stifles economic development.

Adrian Gunadi, co-founder and CEO of Investree, Indonesia

Adrien gunadi

Adrian Gunadi, co-founder and CEO of Investree said:

“This partnership with responsAbility and Accial Capital marks an important step in our journey. And we look forward to further developing the relationship with Accial, one of our original financial partners, and responsAbility, one of the world’s leading impact investors.

The credit provided by the investment partnership is also timely as, through our digital solutions, we continue to help small businesses in Indonesia survive and recover from the difficult times caused by the pandemic. “

Jaskirat S. Chadha, Deputy Head, Financial Inclusion Debt, responsAbility

Jaskirat S. Chadha

Jaskirat S. Chadha, Deputy Director, Financial Inclusion Debt at responsAbility, said:

“We are delighted to partner with this innovative structure which provides much needed working capital to MSME borrowers in Indonesia.

Fintech is a key driver of financial inclusion, especially in the field of MSMEs, and we are happy to have found the right partners in Accial Capital and Investree with the necessary expertise.

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